Care Recommendations

Isla Jewellery is water-safe, meaning that they can be wore in both fresh & salty water without turning black or green on your skin. Our jewellery is 100% FREE from cheap & toxic metals like nickel, lead, aluminium or brass. Its shine has a long life spam of about 1 to 2 years depending on how you treat it, so for maintaining its original lustre, we suggest removing your jewellery before exercising, bathing and sleeping.


Tap water will rarely have an effect or react with your jewellery. That being said, if you shower or take a bath and submerge your jewellery in harsher chemicals like chlorine, it could compromise the jewellery’s original lustre.


It is important to know that salt water and the ocean are corrosive. So, although your jewellery will not tarnish, the Gold Plating can fade faster & become in this environment.


Hand Sani and Jewellery are simply not good friends, please avoid your jewellery to have contact with it specially your rings.